Wednesday, December 12, 2007

FolderAeroed Pack

Pack include 34 folder-items in yellow and black variants. The icons are in ICO and PNG formats.

Also pack include FolderAeroed creating guide and sources, using them you can make your own personal folders. And maybe we can collect a huge folder set together.

Download [5 Mb]


proto said...

do you have any mirror server for this file? rapid share is disgusting. It stops the link before I could complete downloading.

plz plz plz.


Kudesnick said...

take it

cox said...

hi, i bumped into your page and I wanted to know how I can integrate these icon and folders into my winXP Pro.
Any help will be appreciated.
They are simply beautiful to watch

Anonymous said...

Can you make a live folder and release to us???
In the compressed package I can't find the live folder which can replace to original one.

Kudesnick said...

There are Front and Back icons in the pack. You can use'em and some program to change icons (f.e. IconPackager, TuneUp etc.)