Saturday, July 28, 2007

Vista WMP var 2 Skin for QVGA WM-Devices

Another variant of Vista WMP skin for Pocket WM Player.

The size of CAB-file much smaller.
Portrait: blue buttons replaced with white, empty stars added for not rated songs, VolumeUp and VolumeDown are place-changed.
Landscape: The control panel is now... vertical! Bigger AlbumArt, better using of free space.


DOWNLOAD (0.15 Mb)


Anonymous said...

how did you put the album photo? on my WMP i put it in itunes but it doesnt work...

Kudesnick said...

You should add album information in WMP on the PC, be sure that Album image is added. After it use WMP to Syncro with PDA-Device

Anonymous said...

Dear kudesnick,

i inform you that this blog had posted your skin and that requires donations for it.

Kudesnick said...

Thank you so much, Anonymous.
I sent a message to the owner of this blog.
In any case, it is means that the skin is very popular and I'm very pleased for it :)

Anonymous said...

404 ошибка. Перезалей архив плиз.