Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Vista Icons Pack v2.0 Ultimate - Icon Themes

The themes are based on icons from Microsoft Windows Vista February CTP Build 5308 and all missing icons were created. All icons from these themes you also can find in Vista Icons Pack v2.0 Ultimate for Developers. Just use it!

Download (1.29 Mb) - IconPackager Theme
Download (0.91 Mb) - IconTweaker Theme
Download (0.84 Mb) - TuneUp WinStyler Icon Style


Anonymous said...

Hi Buddy

We are having problem with RapidShare downloads as described in Neowin Forum. Please upload to some additional mirror sites without RapidShare-type restrictions. Kind of frustrated. Meanwhile it's a pleasure to view your vista icon work. Wonderful job.

Best Regards

Kudesnick said...

Allready add links to Filefront. Soon these packs will be available in, then I will delete others.